Monday, February 27, 2012

Dear Monday [2.27.12]

I'm trying something new this week and linking up with Happy Day for 


Dear Monday, Ugh. You are not my favorite day. But at least today you will include KU basketball and baking with a friend. I think I can take this deal.

Dear sister, I am very excited for my 17-cheese lasagna. Also, here is your shout out, since you complained when I gave Simone one. Thanks for reading.

Dear lady I found on Craigslist whose sewing machine I hope to buy, I waited for you for half an hour Saturday. Please show up tonight. I want your sewing machine and you want my money. Should be simple, right?

Dear public bathrooms, I hate you.

Dear women in public bathrooms with me, please do not talk to me. It makes me uncomfortable.

Dear yucky throat, thanks for not being all-out sore, but still, please go away.

Dear boyfriend, thanks for this weekend. I loved running intermittently with you down Mass street Saturday night. You're pretty alright.

Dear Mizzou, sucks to suck.


Sar said...

Oh my gosh, I bought a sewing machine in November and I loooove it. It's ridiculous really, as I'm not super crafty nor can I sew particularly well, but it's been so fun.

Happy Monday! Found you through Megan's link-up. Love the blog design; totally adorable.

Victoria said...

fun "dears"!

good luck on that sewing machine!

cute blog!

thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Laura said...

Visiting from Dear Monday. I hope you get your sewing machine - what will you make with it!? And 17 cheeses, wow.

Dee said...

Agreed with Sar, I love your blog design! Public washrooms are always awkward, no exception. Have an awesome week!

megan said...

Glad you linked up your little letters this week! I have the SAME sentiments about weird public bathroom environments/people/conversations. And yay for "pretty alright" boyfriends! I have one that I think is just kinda okay too! haha :)

Alyx said...

Hahahaha, I love the Dear Mizzou letter.
It's okay, they're just sore losers.

Margaret Hart said...

one of my favorites of your blogs--except I'm probably one of those uncomfortable people in the restroom...I can't help it. People talk to me and I talk to them and they talk to me....


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