Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What I'm loving Wednesday

Hey all! I'm so happy this week, so of course I'm linking up with Jamie to let you all know what's going on!

1. Last night I picked Pat up from the airport after a three-week-and-a-few-days separation. We didn't do much--we made mac & cheese and watched Larry Crowne. But it sure is nice to have him back around!

2. Last night I also started my Zumba class! I took a class when I was a student and absolutely LOVED it (kind of surprising as I'm not known as being very outgoing when it comes to dancing, or coordinated ever). I was frustrated after finishing my KU class because I couldn't find any Zumba classes for the general public at first. But! Recently I discovered the parks and rec here offers a ton of classes, and not just in Zumba--and my classes ended up being only about $3 a week!

Because of the Oil Change That Would Not End last week (which I tweeted about), I missed my first class. Last night I went, a little nervously, texting Pat that I wasn't sure I was in the right place and looking around for signs of others there for the class.

They showed up. I was the youngest by at least 10 years, sometimes probably more like 30 years.

It was a blast. All the women were so excited to be there! There was a group of four or so friends that took up the back row that were so enthusiastic! Apparently last week the instructor told them her only rule was to keep moving and keep smiling, and these women took it to heart! It was inspiring to see them throw their whole selves into Zumba and made the class so much more fun. I can't wait to go back!

3. Also this week I'm loving MyFitnessPal. I first heard about it before Christmas when my former roommate started using it. I signed up, guessing my weight and height, and used it for about a day before giving up on it.

But as time went on, I could see my roommate tweeting about her success. I also started following another blogger who used it successfully too, and who helped explain to me how to use it.

So a few weeks ago I bought a scale and started getting serious.

And it is awesome! I've always known that to eat more, you need to exercise more, but this really lets me see it. I've also discovered one of my worst diet habits is the snacking I do while I'm preparing my real meals. Also candy.

The only thing I hate is that because I guessed my weight when I signed up, my badge--which says how much I've lost--will always be wrong. I've already lost about 6 pounds! but it still says zero lost. I'll just always have to mentally add those 6 pounds to my number. :)

If you're on MyFitnessPal, please add me! My name on there is aestrusz.

I hope you all are having a great week too! <3


morganegrant said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog from WILW Link up!! Your post are too cute & so is your boyfriend! I LOVE Zumba!! I haven't been into it in over a year, but I lost 17lbs of my college weight 2 years ago because of Zumba! I need to get back into it.. seriously!! Thanks for following! :)

Michelle (michabella) said...


Have a great Wednesday!!!

Natalie and Lee said...

I have heard so much about Zumba! I need to give it a shot after baby! :)

Loving your blog!

Jen said...

Isn't Zumba great! Once you learn the dances you'll love it even more!

Ginny said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today during the link-up. New follower of yours!! I have a few friends that Zumba however I've yet to try it out myself.

Abbey S said...

17 lbs?? That's awesome! Yeah, it's one of the few types of exercise I honestly enjoy the whole time. Thanks for stopping by!

Jamie said...

Congrats on 6 pounds already!

BeckyJo606 said...

I just sent you an add invite on my fitness pal! Thanks for visiting my blog too so that I could also check yours out! :)


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