Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy Tuesday!

We made it through Monday! This is my first full work week in a while, AND I finally get to pick up my bf Pat from the airport today, so I think this Tuesday deserves some extra celebration.

First, a more-somber-than-usual-but-totally-awesome video about a man who has taken 4,748 self portraits. I can't figure out how to embed it since it isn't on youtube, but you can see it here. Be warned, it gets a little medically graphic around 3:15, but gets not so graphic again at around 4:00.

And, a more light-hearted celebration, a bird who sings the rock chalk chant. :)

Also, this week, I will be joining Meg over at Life of Meg for Mingle Monday(is over, in my case:)

Her question of the week is what we're looking forward to this week. I think it's pretty obvious, but in case you couldn't tell, I'm looking forward to spending time with this lovely boy again:

He comes back from Oregon, where he's been for three long weeks, tonight! I had planned a big dinner surprise for him, but then I signed up for a Tuesday night Zumba class, so my big plans have dwindled to twisty mac and cheese and these chocolate covered pretzels:

A post on these super easy treats will be coming soon!

Happy Tuesday!

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