Thursday, January 19, 2012

Getting fit and getting embarrassed

I've been working on my fitness, and I've noticed a strange thing.

Part of my plan to be healthier has been using my lunch break to take a walk. I eat my lunch at my desk, then take off for half an hour to listen to some music and walk.

I'm lucky to work in a pretty great building. On the nice days, I go outside, where there's a track that loops around a pond. It's not a huge track, and I have to watch out for goose poop, but I like it a lot.

Since it's been too cold lately to go outside, I'm also lucky that my building has a "walking track."

(I put it in quotations because really, it's just the connecting bridge between the upstairs of the two sides of the building. It just happens to form a circle that some people use for a walking track.)

And the strange thing I've noticed is that I get pretty embarrassed when people I know see me walking there. Heck, I get embarrassed when people I don't know see me walking.

For the past few days, I've been trying to figure out why. Why does it embarrass me?

No matter what shape you're in, working on your health and fitness is always a good thing. I should be proud to be seen trying to better myself, right? And there's nothing wrong with what I'm doing--I'm still getting my work done and not skipping out on any time that should be spent at my desk. There's even another woman out there walking on most days.

I can't figure it out. I'm not embarrassed about my Zumba class, which I blogged about here and have told all of my friends about.

But when someone I know walks through while I'm there, I make quick eye contact, give an uneasy smile, then look around the next curve.

Maybe it's the actual, being-seen-in-action part. Like, everyone knows I do Zumba, but no one I know is there to see it happen. Or, people know I pluck my eyebrows--I mean, most women do--but I wouldn't really want anyone watching me while I did it.

Or maybe I just think it's a dorky way to exercise.

But, I enjoy it AND I burn more than 100 calories each lunch period.

So I shouldn't be embarrassed. But I still feel it.

Has anyone else ever felt something like this?

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morganegrant said...

Hey Girl!
Just stopping by to say I gave your blog an award and posted a link to yours in my post today! Have a great weekend! :)


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