Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday

Hello loves.

I'm participating in What I'm Loving Wednesday again this week!

Head on over to Jamie's blog to see what everyone else is loving this week!

1. I'm loving the Christmas lights going up all over town! Driving home tonight, I saw houses all over with their lights up. I could even see some families' Christmas trees through their windows. I love the way downtown looks when they get all the lights up:

2. I'm loving my roommate, who saved me the chocolate from her lunchable. :) She's nice.

3. I'm loving that in a week I get to pick up my bfffffff from the airport and keep her for a whole three(ish) weeks!

This is Katie (my roommate) and Layne. They are the best.

4. I love that my mom has started a blog. We're both trying to figure out Blogger and different nuances of blogging together. Tonight she called me to ask a question and I ended up telling her she'd have to teach me how to do something! Her blog is for the sandwich generation--adults that are caretakers of both their own children and their aging parents. You can find it here.

5. I've also had the opportunity to help a couple students with their writing for school this week through a local tutoring event. I love, love, love helping people improve their writing, and both the girls I've worked with have been so intelligent and fun to talk to! I loved bouncing ideas off each other and helping them leave more confident in their papers and their writing than they were when they came in. I know the organizers of the event are disappointed with the turnout, but even so, I've enjoyed it. I recently finished applying to grad school and am considering more applications to do exactly this--help students succeed and gain confidence, especially with writing. Tonight and last night I was reminded of that passion.

What's going well in your lives? I'd love to hear! :)

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Margaret Hart said...

oreo truffles, christmas gifts, christmas office parties, volleyball training, grandma needs more money (not really, just in her mind), putting the tree up this weekend. Maybe more things, like sleep, and thankfulness for kids who like me. did i mention oreo truffles?


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