Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Weekend recap: Christmas!

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a happy holiday weekend if you were celebrating, and still a great one if you weren't!

I only managed to get a few pics, and for some reason, they're all pretty fuzzy. (I didn't even get one of the outside of my parents' house all lit up! For shame!)

My weekend started off Friday after work when my older sister Emily and I headed off to our hometown. The drive takes between three and three and a half hours, usually. Emily drove and I tried to hold her finicky iPod player in place.

When we got home we chilled with our family and caught up with each other. I think that's when we played scrabble?

Anna also turned Lucy into a dinosaur, aka dino dog!

Saturday, Christmas Eve, was a day of baking and wrapping.

My mom was a baking maniac. She made four kinds of cookies, toffee, cheesecake, coffee cake and chocolate covered pretzels. To manage all of this she turned the garage into a cooling station, resting the finished goods on my dad's jeep.

We kids went upstairs to sneakily wrap the presents we'd gotten for our parents--and discovered the tennis shoes I'd picked up for my mom still had the security tag on them! Anxiety set in, but was quickly put to rest the next day when she told me the same store exists in my hometown, and she can probably just take the shoes and the receipt in. Whew!

We finally watched The Help (which my sisters, mom and I had all read and I reviewed here). My poor dad had to keep hearing all the details from the book that got left out of the movie, but I think we all liked it.

Then, my mom decided each child would wrap her sister's presents--so I wrapped Emily's, Emily wrapped Anna's and Anna wrapped mine, taking a load off my parents' to do list.

Sunday was Christmas! All of us kids are finally old enough to sleep in and not wake up in the early morning from sheer excitement. Actually, it was my dad who woke us all!

We opened presents and ate (by this point my mom had also made a breakfast pizza to go along with all the baked goods). We watched Crazy Stupid Love and everyone but my mom took a nap. We had Christmas dinner--with a special guest appearance from a friend I hadn't seen in years!--and watched Cowboys and Aliens.

All in all it was a very merry Christmas indeed.

Yesterday Emily and I packed up around noon and headed back to Kansas. Em had to work last night, and I had to work today. I was pretty upset to be coming back to an empty house (with my roommates and boyfriend all on Christmas break, it gets kinda lonely) but it turned out one of my roommates was already home (yay!).

Aaaaaand! I got to skype with Pat, my lovely boyfriend!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend full of family, friends, and warm-and-fuzzy feelings!

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