Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday (WILW)


This week I'm participating in What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Head on over to Jamie's blog to see what everyone else is loving this week!

1. The beautiful sunsets I get to look at while driving home every night from work. I love the way winter trees look silhouetted against the bright sky! (Photo taken with my phone while driving, so... pretty awful quality.)

2. My lovely, amazing boyfriend. Last night we just laid on the couch together and he took a nap while I watched TV. And we were both completely happy just doing nothing together. He makes me giggle so much and I feel so lucky to have him!

3. I got to Skype with my bfffffff last night. We write letters, tweet and email, but actually seeing her face while we talk is wonderful. I mean, look at this beautiful girl! Who wouldn’t miss seeing that face daily?

4. My dad has a new work opportunity and seems really excited about it. Fingers crossed!

5. This silly dog. He got away last night (the back gate was somehow left open). He came back pretty easily--we just stood outside and yelled his name for a bit--and he was so. happy. He was wagging his tail and smiling like he had the biggest adventure!

6. And of course, I’m very thankful for my job. It was a lot of hard work to get a job I enjoy and I’m so thankful I can spend my days doing something I love and getting paid for it!

7. Goodreads. I just got an account this week and I loooove it. Add me if you have an account! My user name is aestrusz!

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